Curse of Michael Vick: Andy Reid R.I.d. Rest in Defeat

We’re just going to leave it at that.  It’s all been said before.

Michael Vick Curse takes Eagles to 1 and 3

Dream Team at 1992 Summer OlympicsThe Philadelphia Eagles aka the anti-dream team was hit by the Michael Vick Curse again on Sunday as they fell to the underwhelming 49ers.  Players went out of their wayto avoid talking about the curse, they wouldn’t blame the coaches, they wouldn’t blame the bloated salaries, they wouldn’t blame the referees, they took it all on themselves.

Now, Philadelphia and the Eagles will obliging remain in denial, probably through the rest of the season, about the $100 million Curse of Michael Vick, but a nice long losing season created by their ‘dream team’ might eventually get through to them.  The media might have dubbed the Eagles, the dream team, but they did the Eagles no favors.

Real dream teams (memories of Michael Jordan) do something the Eagles can barely fathom, they win.

Cursed teams blunder and lose.

What do you think the Eagles are doing right now?


USA Today now refers to them as the Broken Scheme Team.

Another Week of the $100 million Michael Vick Curse

Yes, we still believe in the premise that Michael Vick should not be in the NFL, and it is not simply because of the many many crimes he committed breaking Virginia, Federal and possibly other state laws as well (see the story on the murder of his partner in NC).

All that said, Vick should also be out of the NFL based on the way he treated everyone in the NFL.  He’s not only a killer of dogs, he’s a killer of the NFL.  Give the guy $100 million dollars and watch him and the organization he works for start to go down the drain.

So starts another week, where Michael Vick was  unfortunately injured.  We don’t want to see the guy injured nor harmed.  We don’t want to see him in the NFL at all.  That hasn’t really changed.

What has changed is that he has once again been over paid, and is once again under performing.

Can he blame his injuries on his team mates?  (Who cares)

Can he blame them on himself?  (Doesn’t matter)

Would the Eagles, the NFL and the rest of America be better off with him gone from the NFL.  (Yep!)

So there will be irrational people that want to give an NFL player who funneled his earnings into illegal activities on the East Coast a second round of financing.  To you, I hope you get a chance to invest your life savings with Bernie Maddoff when he gets his second chance. You deserve each other.

Sack Vick from the Falcons and the NFL