Campaign to Sack Michael Vick Blog Carnival 4

Here are the articles that have been swirling around the blogosphere over the last week with Michael Vick. 


I. Carnival 4

A. Vick’s Dad’s warnings to Son

1. Politics, Policy, Pathology and Hope WITHIN The Black Community: Who Is The Greater Authority On Vick? – The NAACP or Michael Vick’s FATHER?  - : who-do-you-believe-naacp-or-michael.html

2. Michael Vick´s Daddy Ookie Sr.: Uh Huh Son I Told You So! << Your Mother Slept With Wilt Chamberlain   - : michael-vicks-daddy-ookie-sr-uh-huh-son-i-told-you-so

3. Michael Vick: Estranged Father Speaks; Vick´s Plea Does Not Include Killing Dogs?; Vick´s Grandfather Speaks; New- The Plea < The Starting Five  - : michael-vick-estranged-father-says-he-nursed-sons-injured-dogs-back-to-health-much-vicks-plea-does-not-include-killing-dogs-vicks-grandfather-speaks-the-plea


B. Allegations of STD’s, Vick, Ron Mexico and more

1. Ron Mexico: Michael Vick, Born For The Arena League – Deadspin  - : michael-vick-born-for-the-arena-league-293081.php

C. Parody and Ridicule

1. Our Credulous Media: Michael Vick Case Causing Dissension Among Fake Black People – Gawker  - : michael-vick-case-causing-dissension-among-fake-black-people-293035.php

2. NCAA Basketball Scores: GREAT MICHAEL VICK CARTOON  - : great-michael-vick-cartoon.html

3. BartBlog – The Blog of – Michael Vick jokes  - : michael-vick-jokes

4. Black Looks  - : michael_vick_cartoons.html

5. Bokbluster – Blog Archive – Michael Vick Meets PETA  - : michael-vick-meets-peta

D. People Just Disgusted with Vick

1. The Dog Eat Dog World of Michael Vick – HUMAN EVENTS  - : article.php

2. Michael Vick – Dog tattered trading cards, t-shirts, and more!  - : michael-vick-dog-tattered-trading-cards-t-shirts-and-more

3. From: Virginia Voters for Animal Welfare – Take Action!  - : 1944

E. Celebs on Vick

1. Holy Candy | The Altar of the Superficial – Blog Archive – Jamie Foxx Thinks Michael Vick Should Have Read His Handbook- : jamie-foxx-thinks-michael-vick-should-have-read-his-handbook

2. Jamie Foxx is Stupid  - : jamie-foxx-is-stupid.html

F. Vicks Signature on Plea Deal

1. Michael Vick Signs Plea Deal, Admits to Business Involving Dogfighting < My Little Corner for Thoughts and Rants  - : michael-vick-signs-plea-deal-admits-to-business-involving-dogfighting

2. Vleeptron_Z: Michael Vick admits to murdering dogs, but says he never gambled on dogfights / animal bloodsports  - : michael-vick-admits-to-murdering-dogs.html

3. Michael Vick enters a plea agreement (Wizbang)  - : michael-vick-enters-a-plea-agreement.php

4. Michael Vick goes bye bye  - : michael-vick-goes-bye-bye

G. Monday Pleading

1. Michael Vick set to enter guilty plea Today – World Sports News  - : michael-vick-set-to-enter-guilty-plea-today

2. Michael Vick Pleads Guilty, Makes Public Apology – TalkLeft: The Politics Of Crime  - : 781

3. Michael Vick Officially Pleads Guilty To Federal Dogfighting Conspiracy Charges – The Huffington Post  - : michael-vick-officially-p_n_61948.html

4. The Gossip Fix – Michael Vick Pleads Guilty In Dogfighting Case  - : michael-vick-pleads-guilty-in-dogfighting-case

5. Game On: Sports in the Courts: Michael Vick Controls His Sentence  - : sports-in-the-2.html

6. Michael Vick submits guilty plea to judge – World Sports News  - : michael-vick-submits-guilty-plea-to-judge

H. The NFL – Vick Situation

1. – Michael Vick Suspended Indefinitely  - :

2. Michael Vick has been suspended by the NFL! < Practical Personal Development  - : michael-vick-has-been-suspended-by-the-nfl

3. Ron Mexico: Goodell Definitely Suspends Vick Indefinitely – Deadspin  - : goodell-definitely-suspends-vick-indefinitely-293434.php

4. NFL Quarterback Michael Vick Suspended Indefinitely for Involvement in Illegal Dogfighting | All American Patriots  - : 48730079_sports_nfl_quarterback_michael_vick_suspended_indefinitely_involvement_illegal_dogfighting

I. Vick’s Football Future

1. Michael Vick – Quarterback of Dogfighting? -Britannica Blog  - : michael-vick-quarterback-of-dogfighting

2. Oriole Post – The World of Baseball and Beyond: Woe is Michael Vick: Will He Really Suffer in the Long Run?  - : woe-is-michael-vick-will-he-really.html

3. The Young Turks: Should Michael Vick Be Banned From The NFL?  - : 819

J. Vick’s Future Outside the NFL

1. Can Oprah Winfrey redeem Michael Vick? – BloggingStocks – : can-oprah-winfrey-redeem-michael-vick

2. ProHipHop: Hip Hop Business: Michael Vick Memorabilia Price Drop – : michael-vick-me.html

K. Vick Must not Like Money

1. Critter News: Michael Vick’s Finances In Trouble  - : michael-vicks-finances-in-trouble.html

2. Let Michael Vick be a Cage Fighter < Thomas Hagen: My Opinion  - : let-michael-vick-be-a-cage-fighter

L. Over Reaction – More Important things to Consider than Vick

1. Inching Toward Insanity: Why Michael Vick is Not a Fascist – The Smirking Chimp  - : 9536

2. Beliefnet: J-Walking – David Kuo blog, faith, politics, christian blog, tempting faith  - : my-michael-vick-question.html

3. The Matlock Blog: Michael Vick. The New O.J.??  - : michael-vick-th.html

4. Michael Vick will not be on the Tom Joyner Morning Show on Product Reviews Net  - : michael-vick-will-not-be-on-the-tom-joyner-morning-show

5. Jo Swift: Michael Vick Condemned; US Barbarity in Iraq Condoned  - : michael-vick-condemned-us-barbarity-in.html

6. In Socrates’ Wake: Using the Michael Vick case  - : using-michael-vick-case-in-class.html

M. Good Titles

1. Michael Vick Day – The Brian Alvey Weblog  - : michael-vick-day

2. The Michael Vick Mishegas < Renaissance Ruminations  - : the-michael-vick-mishegas

N. On Michael Vick’s Statement

1. arubberdoor | I am not role model – Michael Vick and more  - : i-am-not-role-model-michael-vick-and-more

2. The ‘Real’ Michael Vick? < Marketing That´s Measurable  - : the-real-michael-vick

3. Michael Vick Apology < Pondering Pastor  - : michael-vick-apology

4. Unleashed – News, tips and discussion about pets. | Chicago Tribune | Blog  - : michael-vick-sp.html

5. Michael Vick Apologizes – AOL Video  - : 1964010

6. Michael Vick Apologizes – The Ag – News Summary – News in Brief – TIME  - : michael_vick_apologizes_1.html

7. Michael Vick Admits Admits Guilt in Dog Fighting and Apologizes – AFTER BEING CAUGHT! | Scared Monkeys  - : michael-vick-admits-admits-guilt-in-dog-fighting-and-apologizes-after-being-caught

8. Catching Flack – Interesting Analysis on the Sincerity of the Michael Vick Public Apology on BNET  - : pr

9. Michael Vick´s Rub – Sorry He Got Caught, But Dead Dogs Can´t Grow Up < Color Style Kyle  - : vicks-rub-sorry-he-got-caught-but-dead-dogs-cant-grow-up

10. Michael Vick Is Very Sorry… That He Got Caught. – ArmchairGM – Sports Wiki, Sports Blog, Sports Resource, Sports Community, Sports 2.0  - : index.php

11. National Post  - : dave-gordon-michael-vick-hasn-t-made-a-kosher-apology.aspx

12. Michael Vick Is 55.8 Percent Sorry – Esquire  - : sorryvick

O. What About Vick’s Dogs

1. Michael Vick´s Pit Bulls and Dogfighting by Animal Chaplain Nancy Cronk on Product Reviews Net  - : michael-vicks-pit-bulls-and-dogfighting-by-animal-chaplain-nancy-cronk

2. Wayne Pacelle: A Humane Nation  - : talk-back-vick-.html

3. DogTails – The “Give a Dog a Bone” Blog: Give a Dog a Bone’s Position on Michael Vick  - : give-dog-bone-statement-on-michael-vick.html

P. Racism and Michael Vick – Does Michael Vick incite racism or is he the victim of racism?  (Either way Racists Suck!)

1. | John In South Florida’s Blog: Michael Vick, Scooter Libby& Fred Thompson  - : CJPG

2. Copious Dissent – Your Daily Dose of Liberty: Michael Vick: Why Are Liberals Asking Blacks to Defend Him?  - : michael-vick-why-are-liberals-asking.html

Q. Michael Vick Losing or Finding Religion

1. Bossip – Archive – Michael Vick Has Found The Lord  - : michael-vick-has-found-the-lord

2. The Sly Fox Film Reviews: Michael Vick Finds Jesus: Disgraced QB Still Needs Serious Help  - : michael-vick-finds-jesus-disgraced-qb.html

3. Ron Mexico: Just How Into God Is Michael Vick? – Deadspin  - : just-how-into-god-is-michael-vick-294142.php

4. Dodgeblogium – Blog Archive – Vick´s found Gawd!  - : vicks_found_gawd

7 thoughts on “Campaign to Sack Michael Vick Blog Carnival 4”

  1. “Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.” Therefore, judge not, that ye be not judged. For the same judgement you pass on your fellow man, you shall be judged accordingly. I am sure that there are things in your life that you are not proud of…things that are a crime and punishable by law…things that you deserve to suffer for…secret things…destestable and pervesrse things…things that would tear your world apart if anyone found out. Remember this, just because your filth was not presented to the grand jury and made public on the national stage doesn’t make you any less guilty. For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. We are all subject to fall, lest you forget. Wishing bad things to befall someone only causes the universe to pour misfortune into your own life. “Death and life are in the power of the tongue”. Speak life!

  2. Thanks for your comments Abiyah. Personally, I am a heathen and do not believe in anyone’s god. Nor do I believe in doing good or not doing bad because I am told to. Instead I believe in doing good or not doing bad because I choose to.

    I do not wish bad things upon Michael Vick. Instead I wish to remove his negative influence on impressionable people, especially children and teenagers.

    This is a big part of the premise and mission of this site. To often our society enables and rewards people for doing bad.

    I’m not trying to put Vick’s life under the microscope, but trying to remove the impact of his very bad example.

    To put it differently, or possibly in a tone comparative to yours. If forgiving a sinner is a good thing, and if redemption of a sinner is possibly one of the best things that a person can hope to achieve, then the unfortunate logic would follow that a person could achieve the greatest redemption by committing the greatest sin.

    I think that logic has obvious flaws and would rather promote those that do not perform despicable acts.

  3. You don’t really need or want that lifestyle, it might hurt y’all slowly more…….Just tell him you
    don’t wanna repeat something your not too proud of z7uas.

  4. Vick killed or help kill 8 pit bulls. It has cost him $100,000,000; probably a pro football career; loss of endorsements; loss of a 750,000 home and probably a 3,000,000 home; plus 23 months in jail. Isn’t that enought; Really the punishment far outwieghs the crime. After all is killing a pit bull a crime? Shouldn’t be! Bet I catc hell for that.

  5. At Joe Taylor, he did a little more than that. But regardless of the other crimes he committed his entire career and his endorsement contracts rested on the condition that he should be a good person and not do reprehensible things.

    He failed that and breeched his contract, so he lost the contracts.

    The legal issues however were much more than just killing dogs, which is bad enough. He operated and funded an illegal dog fighting/gambling ring and one person involved with that ring (that sold vick dog’s and fought dogs against Vick’s) was murdered.

    The illegal activity of dog fighting inspires more crime, just like sick people that torture and kill animals for fun usually end up doing very ugly crimes against people too.

    You are entitled to your opinion, and I would wish anything negative against you for voicing it, but I think your comment minimizes the reality of Vick’s actions.

  6. All in all; 100 million dollars, lost endorsements and 23 months in jail seem to be a very steep price to pay for killing 8 dogs AND banking a betting operation. Guess he should have killed someone and thay way get less punishment.
    Just my 2 cents worth – again.

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