8 tips to gain muscle mass

There are many length guidelines for someone willing to gain muscle mass, however we have decided to take a “path of less resistance”, summarizing an easy way. Follow our 8 tips to gain muscle mass naturally and with some changes in lifestyle.

In order to gain muscle mass, you should do bodybuilding exercises at the gym following coach’s guidelines and adopting a diet rich in protein, and it is also very important to give your muscles proper resting time to help them grow, this is a key factor!

During physical exercises, muscle fibers injure themselves and send a signal to the body indicating the need for muscle recovery. Adequate nutrition will provide the necessary nutrients as muscle booster, so that the diameter and concentration of fibers can increase. However, it is during resting time that the muscles recover and has time to develop.

muscle booster

The best tips to gain muscle mass quickly and efficiently are

1. Do each exercise slowly, feeling all the movements of your muscles, avoiding compensations to make exercises much easier. Check with your couch a workout plan with exercises to gain mass;

2. Do not stop exercising once you start to feel pain because it is when the muscle begins to “burn” all white fibers (short duration), which are those leading to hypertrophy, not at all needed;

3. Train 3 to 5 times a week, and the same muscle group should only be exercised once or twice;

4. Eat high-protein foods daily, at all meals, but especially after exercises. Adopt a diet especially created to gain mass;

5. Begin training as bodybuilding and then do aerobic exercises because there is more willingness to demand the maximum of muscles in isolation;

6. Review the whole series every 4 to 5 weeks by changing or adding some exercises to increase intensity and challenges;

7. Each exercise should be performed using 65% of the maximum load that can be achieved with a single repetition. For example: if you can only lift a weight of 30 kg with the thigh extension, you should train using a weight of 20 kg, with progressive increase;

8. When you achieve the desired goal, do not stop exercising in order not to lose the achieve definition. Generally, the loss of muscle mass can be observed in only 15 days without training.

It is actually possible to see the first results on the gym with at least 3 months of regular practice of bodybuilding exercises and with 6 months of exercising you can already notice a good difference in growth and muscle definition. However, cardiac conditioning can already be noticed as early as within the very first month.

In addition, protein or Creatine supplements are a great choice, which helps, in gaining muscle mass, however these supplements should only be taken as directed by a doctor or nutritionist.

Diet plan and final recommendation

An ideal diet plan to increase muscle mass includes strategies such as the consumption of natural calories in greater amounts than you would burn, increasing the amount of proteins during the day and ingesting good fats. In addition to enhanced nutrition, it is also important to do regular workouts that require a lot of muscle mass, as the stimulus of hypertrophy are passed on to the body.

It is also important to remember that in order to gain lean muscle and lose fat at the same time, avoid the consumption of sugar, white flour and industrialized products, as they are the main stimulators of fat production in the body.

So, remember that ingesting more calories than you can burn is essential to gain muscle mass faster. Excess calories along with workouts will allow you to increase your muscles.

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