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Celebrating National Dog Day

EDIT – I published this article a day late.  Working too many nights, my schedule got off track.  This is one of the reasons why I only run a website and not a group.  I’m not the best organizer.  :)

imageToday is National Dog Day.  We would like to celebrate National Dog Day and encourage you to celebrate it as well.  National Dog Day is not about Michael Vick nor the NFL.  It is a travesty that on National Dog Day Michael Vick is so prominently featured by the NFL and the Eagles.

In this time of recession and world wide conflict, it is difficult but if you have the means and the disposition we’d encourage you to consider supporting National Dog Day, adopting a dog, or taking action to support dog and animal welfare.  We ask you to do this in balance with your support for other causes as well, but on National Dog Day, don’t neglect this particular cause.  The world does have many problems confronting it on many levels, but we are fortunate that in our humanity, we can exercise the ability to engage many issues simultaneously.

Don’t Bully My Breed Needs Donations for Recently Saved Pets

We’re reposting this article from our friends at The Truth About Pitbulls.

SIX holiday miracles!   We took in four emergency dogs and two kittens these past few weeks, and have been working so hard on their rehab and medical care, we werent able to get out our holiday plea out in a timely manner!   We know everyone is strapped right now, with the economy and all, but we couldn’t say no to these six!    We were lucky enough to have one of our wonderful fosters help out with TWO of them :)
So now we just need to raise the money to cover all their medical care.


Above left is Wally, rescued from an animal control the day before his scheduled euthanasia.   He came to us underweight, and with a badly abscessed and painful front paw.  We neutered, vetted, and fixed up that paw the very next day.   He is kid, dog, and cat friendly, and SO grateful to be here for the holidays!  

In the middle is Stuart, a super sweet dobe mix.  He came to us in the middle of an ice storm, TWENTY pounds underweight, with explosive diarrhea, in very, very bad shape.  We have been nursing him back to health ourselves, and he is finally putting on weight. On the right is Kingston (original name was Ice), a gorgeous pit bull with one blue eye and one brown eye.  He is showing off the two shaved spots on his back from his heartworm treatment.  He is on the mend and is good with his foster’s kids, dogs, cat, guinea pigs, AND ferrets. 


He goes to work with his foster mom at a nursing home (check out his photos at the nursing home on our site,  He was on his way to an animal control (after no one answered his Free to Good Home ad, thankfully) that does not adopt out pit bulls,  when we intervened.  Our fourth doggie rescue, Daisy, is on the Adoptable Dogs page on our site (we didn’t have a good enough photo to embed in this email:).   She was rescued by someone from a very bad situation but they were unable to keep her themselves.  This sweetie is a boxer (all jowly) mixed with pit.   She has a LOT of energy and has nipples hanging to the ground from being overbred.  She had a rough surgery when she was spayed but is finally feeling better now.   She loves, loves, loves to play!  

The kittens we took in were trapped with a humane trap, also during the ice storm, so we named them Warm and Toasty ;).  They were super sick when we rescued them, and are not thrilled with all the medicating we’ve been doing to them, so they are a bit shy right now.  They are now fully vetted and also ready to be adopted.  

We really need donations to pay off our vet bill because we have another rescued dog scheduled for oral surgery in two weeks.   We are hoping each of you can PLEASE make a holiday donation for their care!   The link for making a donation is or, if you’d like to send a check, please email us at [email protected], for the name of our vet and the address.

Thanks for all your previous support this past year, and wishing you all a VERY happy, safe 2009!


I just recently caught up with an old friend of mine who runs a website and company called DogTime.  DogTime focuses on helping people find the right dog, take care of their dogs, and much much more.  image

Headquartered in San Francisco, our collective experience includes years of raising dogs, writing about dogs, rescuing dogs, training dogs, walking dogs, falling in love with and having our hearts broken by dogs. With DogTime, our mission is to keep dogs out of shelters and in good homes by equipping novice and experienced owners alike with all the information needed to make them, and their dogs, very happy.

Here you can find your dream canine companion with our one-of-a-kind matchmaking service, and then get expert answers for his every age, stage, and four-legged phase. Coming soon will be online training classes offered by experts Ian and Kelly Dunbar, a dog adoption center, and the chance to connect with fellow dog people and swap videos, advice, and local information on great parks, boarding options, and vets, among other things.

I came across this site actually following a video showing one of Michael Vick’s Dogs.  It had been saved and ‘rehabilitated’.  The dog still had lots of scars, but was happy and safe and loving today.  It was a little affirming to find a site run by an old friend that had happened upon some commonality in helping dogs and people live together happily.  :)