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Got Michael Vick Questions? Get Answers fm Bob Grotz tomorrow at Noon

If you have questions about Michael Vick’s future, his involvement in a recent night club shooting or the argument before the shooting, questions maybe about what in the world the Eagles leadership is thinking or anything else, you can check in online and ask questions of Eagles beat writer Bob Grotz at noon eastern time tomorrow.

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This Q & A session will likely be more focused on football and the Eagles and not the legal quagmires like Vick’s gifts of millions of dollars to relatives and friends just before filing bankruptcy that is now the target of his bankruptcy trustee.

Great Online Dog Supplier

Having spent some time searching through all the local pet stores trying to find halloween costumes for dogs (my parents puppy Archie in particular), I was beginning to lose hope that I would find a fun costume to bring out Archie’s personality for our Halloween costume party. Just when I thought all hope was lost, I found Not only do they have an incredible selection of quality costumes and dog clothes, but responsive and knowledgeable customer service and speedy delivery.

In addition to having a much wider selection than their competitors, carries an even wider variety of dog and puppy supplies at low prices. I have to admit I was apprehensive at first, but after looking over their products and checking out reviews of their service I was hooked.

This Halloween both Archie and I will be arriving at the party dressed to the 9’s. I can’t stress enough the amount of costumes they have in stock, I spent a solid hour just browsing through their selection before I made my decision.  I went with the Tux with Tails Top Hat, but the Skunk and Football Player were close seconds. They also had a great variety of jackets for dogs as well that could have been used as subdued costumes. In fact, had I not purchased a costume for myself earlier this week I would have been able to be even more selective for Archie. 

Petsafe Wireless Containment System