Favworld review: my personal experience with shaping leggings

slimming thermo pantsI have always wanted to hide my body imperfections, and choosing leggings was one of the options at hands. Among all the brands of slimming leggings available on the markets, I chose the Denim shaping leggings sold at favworld.com at just 19$. So I tested it and here is my exclusive experience when I have worn it, day and night for a month.

First sensations

Once home, I threw jumped on my purchase to test it. At the time of putting it, I had to fight a little, because the material of the denim shaping were too thin, it was necessary to put it like a stocking and smooth it all to put it in place. Honestly, I noticed that my belly was well covered and the beads were quickly flattened. My buttocks have also found their natural roundness while my thighs and legs have been refined. I did not feel the panty after a few minutes. It is very comfortable and it was not so hot, contrary to what I feared at first. On the other hand, although it was not transparent, I was wondering if I should wear it alone, or under a tunic.

WEEK 1. A test of patience!!

I wear mostly my pants with pants because it is quite long. So I invested in a shorty for shorter outfits. I feel thinner and comfortable in my movements once I put on my shaping leggings. In addition, I have decided to wear it non-stop on my skin in order to see if I will lose a few inches from my waist and thigh in a few days. Unfortunately, a week later, my cellulite was still present, but I was warned, the effect is visible only a month later. The waist was still in place and did not curl on itself, which is a good point for this Denim Shaping leggings from Favworld.com. In addition, it seams went really unnoticed, even when I was wearing slim pants.

WEEK 2 AND 3. Results finally starts showing up

My body begins to be modeled by the Denim Shaping Leggings. I also noticed that I enter my leggings more easily. My beads are much less marked once I put it on, nevertheless, they reappear when I remove it. As the action of legging is palpable only by making movements, I always make sure to move regularly by cleaning, walking more often, doing some exercises abs and be more active at office.

WEEK 4.The Legging has kept it promises

The verdict has fallen: YES, the Denim Shaping leggings helps slim down! The effect is not spectacular, but I still lost 1 centimeter in waist and 1.5 cm for thighs. I also noticed that my skin has become smoother and softer. Totally, I washed them twice a week, by hand and in warm water, which allowed them to keep their elasticity.

Easy maintenance

The washing of this legging is ideally done by hand or machine at only 30°C so that the fabric does not lose its elasticity. On the other hand, it is necessary to avoid drying at high temperature. Ironing is also useless. In all cases, it is necessary to spare a shorty or panty slimming to replace the pair that will certainly be still wet after washing.

And you? Have you already tested this product? How was your experience with the Denim Shaping leggings, from favworld.com?

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