The best essential oil diffuser

We tested over a month more than 10 different diffusers. The Urpower 300ml model turned out to be our favorite, for its price it stands out its capacity and design, it includes light in various shades and fog effect, all this together with a soft aroma. Chose the best essential oil diffuser that works best for you!

You should have one of these

To make your environment smell good, having a diffuser is a very strong alternative to candles, a diffuser is not in danger of igniting anything, so you can sleep or leave the room and leave it on, you can even use it in the bathroom. If you want to change the aroma you simply choose a different oil, also is the most economical way to aromatize the home.

Here we will not focus on aromatherapy until there are no scientific foundations to support these seemingly magical properties of essential oils; we will focus on testing the diffusers for the environment they create with their aroma and not for the supposed health benefits.

fragrance diffuser

Testing and choosing the best diffuser

If what we want is that a room only smells good, any diffuser will serve us for this simple task, but there are more related things, for example, a small diffuser will produce very little fog, maybe it does not match its decoration or it can be very complicated to use. In addition, we should know that there are two types of diffusers, those of the nebulizer type and the ultrasonic ones.

The latter are the most popular ones; they contain a small reservoir for water, where you must add the drops of essential oil, which range from a couple to about 10 depending on how strong we want to smell the fragrance. A diaphragm-type vibrating device that has the ultrasonic diffuser will convert the diluted oil into water in fine mist, given this fog effect. These diffusers are pleasing to the eye, but the smell is much softer when compared to those of the nebulizer type, or even with scented candles.

So if what you want is a stronger smell, the nebulizer option, although more expensive, is preferable. The nebulizer spreads the oil turning it into fog when using compressed air through it, a diffuser of this type can go out for well over 100 dollars, it can make more noise than the previous ones and they are not so attractive to the eye, but the smell is more concentrated.

After a few weeks using various types of diffusers, nebulizers and ultrasonic in several corners of our house, we were eliminating some that did not match our decoration, or had too many buttons or took up too much space. Then we decided to stop using the ones that made a lot of noise when they were working.

The chosen ones

The Urpower Aroma diffuser with a capacity of 300ml lasts longer and the mist current produced is stronger than in other models of the same price, with a single filling can work for more than 6 hours. Its minimalist design contrasts with other more loaded options. Its lid closes perfectly with the base so you can hold it. It has 7 different colors and two levels of brightness for each of them.

Its indicator lights do not bother like some LED bright appliances, also has a timer and is quiet enough, surely you can get a cheaper one with better design, but will not have all the qualities of this model.
The only problem we find is that it has only two buttons, so to turn on or turn off any of its features you must go through the entire menu of options, this sometimes makes it half tedious to turn off the light.

If we want a smaller model

Perhaps the space we have available for the diffuser is smaller, in this case the Urpower model of 120ml is ideal, the design follows the line of his older brother and is very easy to clean and use in general. It also lights in 7 different colors and its price is really accessible. It lasts in continuous fog mode or up to 6 hours in an intermittent mode.

The buttons do not make any noise when pressed, although they have a power LED that emits a light that may bother you at night. If we want a strong aroma we would better get a nebulizer.

If our budget allows us, and if what we want is a stronger aroma of perfume in our room with essential oils, and we also do not need the features that give us the ultrasonic diffusers, the ideal is the diffuser of essential oils of Raindrop 2.0 Nebulizing. We tried five nebulizers, all very good and this turned out to be our favorite for its aesthetics and design. Is as quiet as an ultrasonic and it is very beautiful, it does not have many buttons that bother in the use and design, but it has several control options.

The Raindrop 2.0 Nebulizing model works in an intermittent mode for a little over two hours with 20 drops of oil, disperses it for 2 minutes and turns off the next one, this time can be adjusted, but that setting is ideal for perfuming a room completely and for a long time.

In the use we gave it, the power button is very sensitive so it can turn on or off by mistake, but this it is not such a serious problem, is it?

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